Lee Hunter is a New York City-based artist born in Charleston, South Carolina. Hunter is an multi-disciplinary artist focused on the human relationship to nature. Recent exhibitions include Cosmogenesis at Doppelganger Projects, Queens and Sweet Lorraine Gallery, Brooklyn. In 2018, Hunter was a Visiting Artist, Illinois State University, Normal, IL, and part of a public design team at Leroy Street Studio Architecture that completed a project at the Interim Sunset Park BPL. In 2019, they were an artist in residence at Palazzo Monti, Italy. Hunter received a BS from Portland State University and a MFA from San Francisco Art Institute.


I am a multidisciplinary artist working with photography, video, and sculpture. I am interested in the relationships formed by complex systems, my research focuses on the history and practice of Nature.

For several years I have been working on a world-building project, Cosmogenesis. Set in the near future, Cosmogenesis is told through the perspective of an archivist making her way through the ephemera of legendary twenty-first century trans-dimensional travel cults. Each object in the archive is part of a coded system that reveals secret methods of travel through parallel universes. The archive is comprised of photographs, videos, sculptures, found objects, and ephemera.