Lee Hunter (b. Charleston, SC, 1978) is a multi-disciplinary artist working with photography, sculpture, and video. She is interested in the built environment, landscape, and perception. Her work has been exhibited at artist run galleries and non-profit art spaces such as Vox Populi Gallery, Savernack Street Gallery, and The Luminary Arts. She has received support to attend a number of artist in residence programs including The Vermont Studio Center, I-Park Foundation, and ACRE projects. Hunter received her BS from Portland State University and her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


I am a multi-disciplinary artist interested in questions about perception, objects, and space. Perception is the process of understanding the world through our senses; objects are the material constructions that humans interact with while moving through space; how space is constructed by social, economic, and political structures. All landscapes become constructed this way, whether they are wild, rural, or urban. The divide between the idea of nature and the built environment becomes blurred when this form of space is considered, because one must look at the history and use of the space to understand its current cultural meaning.

My research takes many forms, including reading books, archival research in libraries, exploring visual culture on the internet, and talking to people. I begin to isolates ideas, images, or objects that grab my attention and make photographs, videos, and sculptures. Exhibitions become the culmination of my research and object making. I also participate in collaborative relationships with visual artists and writers. Together these spheres of activity are the foundation of my artistic practice.