Cosmogenesis (2014-current) is an ongoing world building project. Set in the near future, the project is told through the perspective of an archivist making her way through the ephemera of legendary twenty-first century transdimensional travel cults. The archive is comprised of photographs, videos, sculptures, and found objects. Each object in the archive is part of coded systems that reveals secret methods of travel through parallel universes.

In January, 2018 I was invited by Illinois State University to teach a seminar in their Visiting Artist course. The seminar was called Speculative: Forms, Futures, Fictions and covered a number of themes related to world building. I want to thank the ISU Fine Art Department for their support and the students of the Visiting Artists course for their participation.

2018 ISU VA speculative seminar


Cosmogenesis Videos:

Porous Tissues, Open Edges, 2017
Sound by Sam La Strapes